March 4, 2009


Today marks five years of Alec and I being together! Whoa time flies by soooo fast! Now its not just Alec and Farren but ALEC, FARREN & KARTER! Senior Prom 2004


Everyones SICK

After Alecs game on Monday he came home and was so sick. He got the flu on Monday and now I have it. Its been a rough week. Heres some picture of him and Karter after the game, before the flu kicked in!


Alec pitched a great game! We beat Portland!Karter had a good day, he didn't barf since we went to the hospital. It was a nice day so we went to see daddy pitch!


After dinner on Sunday night we could tell that Karter wasn't feeling to well just by the look in his eyes. Seconds later came the explosive barf! We didn't think that he was sick, we just thought that he ate to much or something. Phryne, Thomas and Emma came over and played later night night, Karter played and didnt seem sick at all. We gave him another bottle around 8, what do you know explosives barf again! Okay something is definitely bugging his tummy! We waited a while no fever, no fussy baby gosh whats wrong. We gave him a bath around 10:30, a bottle then he went down for bed. No barfing he was fine. 3:30 came EXPLOSIVE BARF again all over the bed. I sat up with him for about 30 minutes giving him Pedialyte, he barfed all that out again. 4:00 a.m. I got Karter and I ready and we headed to the hospital. We let Alec stay home and sleep because he had to pitch the first game on Monday. Once we reached the hospital they poked at Karter for an hour trying to get his blood drawn. The nurse was a loser and couldn't get it! He cut Karters foot twice trying to get blood that way, he poked both forearms that didn't work, then he did both hands that didn't work! Okay by this time I was going crazy! My poor baby was screaming bloody murder! They finally gave up and we waited for the lab tech to come, within seconds she got all the blood that she needed. We left the hospital at 7:30 a.m. Karter has the flu!Watching Elmo of courseJust some of the things they used to take his bloodAftermathSleepy baby

Alec's First Home GAME!

Last Thursday was Alec first baseball game! He pitched the first game against UVU. He did a great job!
Karter was such a good boy at the game! His first time at the park was a success!

March 1, 2009


It took way longer then I wanted to but finally I lost all my baby weight! 46 lbs! I really needed to lose the weight and thanks to the best workout partner it happened! We run and do weights almost everyday and with us motivating each other it really helps! Combined with the whole 3 more pounds I lost since the baby weights gone I've lost 49 lbs! WOO WHOOO!!


Okay we got a crawler on our hands!! Man people were right when they said they will get into everything! Karter has learned to crawl, its not a little creepy crawl its a fast one! We weren't expecting him to start crawling so fast, so our house isn't baby proofed yet! So out comes the play pen for a little bit!